professional tailoring

Making the smallest changes to the articles of clothing in your closet will take you from frumpy to sleek, from geek to chic.  Off the rack clothing is designed to fit a range of body types, not one particular body type.  For the vast majority of people, the clothing purchased needs the expertise of a tailor to get the perfect fit that most people seek.

Maestro Tailor is the tailoring shop to seek when you desire a custom fit from your wardrobe.  As the highest rated tailor tailor in northeast Ohio, Mark possesses the expertise to transform your ill-fitting clothing to a fit that makes everyone take notice.

A person only has a few minutes in order to make that crucial first impression.  The way a person's clothing fits helps form this impression.  From the sleeve length, to a skirt's hem, to the tapering of slacks, Mark is able to use his expertise to help you make a lasting impression on everyone who sees you walk into the room.

It is not about the cost of the garments that makes the difference--it is the fit!  Someone wearing a $5,000 suit will look sloppy and unkempt if it is not properly tailored.  Slacks with too much of a break will make a person look shorter, sleeves that are too long on a suit jacket makes a person look like he or she is wearing a jacket that is too big for him or her, and a shirt that has too much room in the torso will make a person look heavier than normal.  Spending the extra time and money to tailor your garments will make you, not only look better, but feel better about yourself when wearing them.

Whether it is shortening of your slacks or skirts, taking in the sides of your boxy blazer, or tapering your shirt, you can trust Maestro Tailor to bring you that attention look you seek, and keep your wardrobe and style up to date with the modern trends in today's fashion