Welcome to Maestro Tailoring & Fashion

Welcome to Maestro Tailoring & Fashion, where we are more than your grandparents’ tailor.  Located in the historical Tower City Center in downtown Cleveland, Maestro is owned and operated by Mark Srour, who is the #1 rated tailor in Northeast Ohio, and combines the experience of your personal family tailor, with the knowledge of today's fashion trends.  Maestro Tailoring is more about quality and building relationships with those who walk through the doors of Maestro, than quantity.  With each garment, no matter if it costs $20 or $200, Mark uses the same care and quality with each stitch he makes.  There are many shortcuts that other tailors take, but Mark firmly believes in doing the job correctly, or not at all.

Mark first learned the art of tailoring under his grandfather while living in Lebanon.  Immigrating to the United States six years ago, Mark worked with a department store chain as their lead tailor in Cleveland.  Opening his first business in early 2015, Cleveland residents soon learned how honed Mark's craft and fashion sense are.  Many who were unhappy with their previous tailors have sought Mark out based on personal recommendations, as well as his online reputation.

Tailoring is more than a job, but Mark's passion.  He loves what he does, and it shows from the fitting through the sewing and with the final fitting.  He builds a relationship with every client who comes to Maestro.  At Maestro, he does not believe in having customers, but people who become a part of Maestro.  That is what draws people into the tailoring shop, and have them return time and time again.

Through Mark's knowledge and expertise, Maestro is able provide all the tailoring needed to repair, enhance, and improve the clothes in your wardrobe.  In a simple visit, you are able to completely make over your wardrobe by simply having the clothing you currently have tailored to give a better fit with a custom appearance.