Welcome to                               Maestro Tailoring & Fashion

Welcome to Maestro Tailoring & Fashion, where we are more than your grandparents' tailor.  Located in the historical Playhouse Square district in downtown Cleveland, Maestro is solely owned and operated by me, Mark Srour, and I am honored to be a highly rated tailor in Northeast Ohio.  I combine the experience of your personal family tailor, with the knowledge of today's fashion trends.  I believe that Maestro Tailoring is more about quality and building relationships with those who walk through the doors of Maestro, rather than quantity.  With each garment, no matter if it costs $20 or thousands of dollars, I use the same care and quality with each stitch I make.  There are many shortcuts that other tailors take, but I firmly believe in doing the job correctly, or not at all.

As with most parents, mine had dreams and aspirations of me becoming a doctor or lawyer; however, my passion was sewing, owing thanks to my grandfather.  I was in awe when I would watch him sew as I was a child.  I practically grew up at his sewing machine.  I often snuck away from my parents every chance I could find to learn the art of using a needle and thread.

Through my dedication as my grandfather's apprentice, and years of hard work, I became a master tailor.  Many years after my grandfather's passing, I worked as a lead tailor for many department stores.  Eventually, I decided to embark on a new endeavor by branding my craftsmanship, so in 2015, Maestro Tailoring & Fashion was born.

I take pride in my ability to work one on one with my clients, understanding how they want their garments to fit, and helping transform their garments to a more modern fit.  Cleveland residents soon learned how honed my craft and fashion senses are.  Many who were unhappy with their previous tailors sought out my services based on personal recommendation from their colleagues, as well as my online reputation as a tailor who puts his clients above all else.

Tailoring is more than my job, but my passion.  I truly love what I do, and it shows from the fitting through the sewing, and with the final fitting.  It is important that I build a relationship with every client who comes to Maestro.  That is what draws people into the tailoring shop, and what keeps them returning time and time again.

Through my knowledge and expertise, I am able to provide all the tailoring needed to repair, enhance, and improve the clothes in your wardrobe.  In a simple visit, you are able to completely make over your wardrobe by simply having he clothing you currently have tailored to give a better fit with a custom appearance.

As for my parents' ambition for me becoming a lawyer or doctor, they are very happy at the success I found here in Cleveland, doing what I truly love to do.